Innovation & Open Innovation at Schneider Electric

At the seminar “Innovation, convergence of approaches” co-organized by INOVA and  Alma Consulting Group, Xavier Bonnaud, Innovation Manager of the “Services Industrie” Department at Schneider Electric, has presented some aspects of their innovation policy. The team of PRESANS was there to collect their feedback. “My 3 convictions” Xavier Bonnaud, in office since 1997, Schneider began by introducing his three convictions about innovation: Innovation is needed: innovation is not just a fad, it is a necessary condition for the survival of a company. A company that does not innovate dies. Collective Intelligence: by comparison with Web 2.0 (where readers are also contributors) that is much richer than Web 1.0 (where readers and contributors are distinct), Xavier shows that the so-called collaborative innovation, involving various

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